Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How to write a perfect personal statement

what is a personal statement?

This is a succinct summary of self that provides information that sets you apart from the competition to probable employers or intended university. It is either included in a CV, resume or university application letter. It involves selling yourself to the respective party while staying relevant to a particular topic or interest. Additionally, it is advisable that you include your skills and experiences and explains them in a brief and concise manner. Moreover, consider the fact that a personal statement should allow you to say all about yourself in a brief and appropriate manner using about 150 words.

What should you include in a personal statement?

This may differ when writing a college application form to when applying for a job. The main points nonetheless include;
·         Who are you?
·         What is it that you can offer?
·         What are your career dreams, goals and objectives?
Writing on your skills may prove a difficult challenge. To make your work easier you may use the job description provided by the employer to act as guidance in explaining your skills and experiences provided you maintain relevance and observe honesty. Despite insisting on writing a brief statement, ensure you write something that makes sense and abides with the grammatical rules.
The tense used when writing a personal statement is not defined or specified. The persona is undefined too. The persona and tense of your choice should, however, remain consistent throughout your statement.
The personal statement changes with each job application as it is aimed at pleasing the employer and each employer/ job require a different set of skills from the next. Most importantly, you should be authentic in your writing. Generic writing easily rules you out as they consider people to shortlist.

What are the do and don’ts to perfect your personal statement?


·         Be straightforward- ensure your statements are straight to the point and are easily understood. As earlier stated provide all the required info in about 150 words. The university or college applications may require you to write a longer essay.
·         Maintain focus- always answer the question earlier stated i.e. who are you, what are your career goals and what can you offer? Use these questions as a guideline and answer them in relation to the job description.
·         Quantify achievements- the description of you should not be basic. When stating achievements it is vital to quantify where possible. E.g. instead of writing “I have helped companies increase their profits”, write “I have helped X company to increase its profits by y%”.
·         Avoid being a platitude- hiring agencies deal with a lot of CVs and therefore a lot of personal statements. Use of clich├ęs will only discourage your acceptance. Be as personal as you can possibly can. Phrases such as a team player only prove you have nothing unique to offer. Remember you are trying to stand out from a crowd of fellow applicants.
·         Use adjectives that help your cause e.g. successfully, experienced etc.


·         Focus on unnecessary attributes, skills or experiences. Provide what makes you unique and increases your chances to stand out
·         Confuse tenses, make grammatical or spelling errors, use colloquialisms. The personal statement is part of a formal document and therefore should also be official. In addition, proofread your work to avoid simple errors that may be used to rule you out. Always consider the application as competitive and you strive to be the best.
·         Elaborate on achievements as if you are writing a cover letter. A cover letter is where achievements are elaborated on and the roles you played in particular stages spelt out. In a personal statement, however, the key is to mention the achievements and experiences
·         Provide your achievements as if it is a list. Your listed achievements and experiences should be used to form concise but elaborative statements e.g. a qualified and experienced author of three publications within 5 years.
Following the above guidelines, you are bound to write a perfect personal statement.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Concept paper explained! Get a good grade by knowing how to write a good concept paper.

What Is a concept paper?

Just like a research proposal, a concept paper is  document that summarizes a project matters i.e. the interests, understandings or proficiency of an individual author or organization. In essence, it summarizes a research project. It is a brief document whose length depends on program in question. In sum, a concept paper demonstrates the purpose of  a research project.

How to write a concept paper.

Before articulating the steps to writing a concept paper, there is need to highlight the purpose of a concept paper. This is to persuade donors, colleagues, superiors in your area of assignment the relevance of your project. Hence, always ‘speak in their language.’ It means ensuring your capture your readers attention through prose, writing style and professional terms relevant to the project and area of study.
For instance, you can use an intriguing statistic in your introductory sentence that is both in line with what you are proposing as well as factual
You can also develop a title that captures the reader’s attention and draws their desire to read further on
Therefrom, follow the following steps;

                                             i.            Establish your resolve to write

Write about your project goals and express the interlinkage between your goals and the sponsor’s or donor’s line of work.

                                           ii.            Describe the problem

Outline the problem, how you came to know if its existence and how you intend to solve it.

                                         iii.            Outline why the problem is of concern

This is putting your project in its context. Include statistics and current issues to support the importance of your project. Depending on the nature of your project, personal stories are also included. They are all intended to prove the extremity and extent of the problem thus the need for your solution

                                         iv.            Explain your concept and its workings

This is the implementation plan or formula of your solution. How will your solution be introduced to the intended market. For instance awareness raising and capacity building. If your solution involves the invention of a device, then a prototype is needed. If your project involves a further investigation of the problem, then express your investigation plan.

                                           v.            Express the unique nature of your concept

Your project needs to be set apart from existing projects. It should offer better solutions and include better plans if not completely innovative and creative ones.

                                         vi.            Include output measures you will use to assess the success of your project

A project success needs to be measured. Monitoring and evaluation procedures you intend to use to measure the progress of project as well as outcome need to be included.

                                        vii.            Include a timeline and detailed budget

A project has phases. Provide a timeline for each phase as well as detailed preliminary budget.

                                      viii.            Project summary

This is a conclusion to all the information you have detailed in the concept paper in summary form.

Other factors to consider include;

·         Your concept paper should be precise and concise. It should be brief as well as detailed.
·         Use the necessary vocabulary in the right context
·         Use action-oriented language by proving your actions are doable and showcasing confidence
·         Include your contact information

Saturday, February 1, 2020

How to Find a Great Internship in the USA for both Citizens and non Citizens

How easy it is to find an internship in the USA and its necessity

An internship involves working in an organization by a student or trainee to gain work experience, meet academic qualifications or both. Often, an internship is without pay. However, it is unnecessary to completely rule out pay as recent studies show that some interns get a wage in accordance with their academic qualifications.
The USA is an all-encompassing country. The country manages the world's largest economy. The diversity in its economy including culture, filmmaking and natural resources abundance, just to mention a few, encourage an intern to desire an association with the country. In spite of its challenge when it comes to income inequality, the economy of USA provides a high both household and employee income. This favours an intern whose hope is to work for an organization in the country after completion of the internship period. Ultimately, USA has a highly influential media house and most importantly working in the USA provides one with a high acceptance opportunity to work in any organization globally.

How to find an internship in the USA;

For a local citizen in the USA

·         Identifying your career interests- avoid being too broad or too narrow. Limit yourself to a particular interest and at the same time be flexible in what you are to do in an attempt to improve your career provided it is legal and ethical.
·         Network and attend career conferences and talks- the information you have is never enough. It is important to acquire as much information as you can on a particular organization or interest by speaking and listening to more experienced and better-exposed people such as parents, career officers, alumni, etc.. most importantly you should consider the advice offered and thank them for their assistance.
·         Search and apply early- remember you are not the only candidate interested in an internship. Always consider everyone to have qualified and the difference to make is based on time. Do your application early, not to meet deadlines but to improve your chances of being considered before the slots are filled.

For international students

on top of the above process, you will require a visa. If you are already a student in the country, you will require the F-1 visa while as if you are applying for an internship you will need a J-1 trainee visa or intern visa.
Additionally, there are two types of internship for a student in the USA; the Career Practical Training and the Optional Practical Training. As the names suggest CPT is career bound while OPT is not. Under CPT, an intern works part-time and can be paid and the only requirements include; having completed the first year of study and getting authorized on their student visa. The OPT internship requires approval from the US citizenship and immigration services and can be done full time.
 A J-1 visa is quite similar to OPT except that the internship must be related to the intern's field of study and the approval is from the J-1 officer responsible for your sponsoring institution.

What are the advantages of taking your internship in the USA?

1.      The use of a common tongue
This may seem like a simple thing but it is very important in one's career. Everybody wants to work in an environment where they feel involved and accepted. Intercultural communication may be difficult when you do not share the language used by the citizens. In USA, however, the common tongue is English, a global language. It not only encourages the feelings of acceptance and involvement but also nurtures you to be able to converse and work in most economies globally.
2.      Advances skills of the intern
The country’s industry is an entrepreneurial precedent. This means that you are able to learn the latest and most advanced techniques in your field as USA sets the trend in most industrial factors. The skills that one learns as well as exposure to the USA culture promote career advancement.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How to skillfully write an appealing book review; tips that will get you acing it!

A book review is an extensive valuation of a book. 

It involves a synopsis of a book’s themes, purpose, content and authority. A review contains the following;

A description of what the book is about
Your opinion on the book; what you liked or disliked about it
Summarize your thoughts, suggest the kind of audience that should read the book
Sometimes a rating is necessary e.g. a 5 out of 10

To broadly and succinctly cover all the above, you will need to ask yourself a number of questions to guide you in writing a review. These questions are as follows;

a) What is the title of the book? Does the title agree with the content of the book?
b) What category of literature does the book claim to be? Has the book embraced the genre as it should?
c) What is the author’s point of view? Do you agree with them or not?
d) What is the author’s general theme? Are you able to follow this theme?
e) Is the author’s language and style formal or informal? Is it appropriate for the target audience or not?
f) Is the author’s language convincing? Have they spoken with clarity?
g) Do you think the author provides accurate information? Have they left out any particular area uncovered?
h) What do you think of the conclusion? Has the author met the expectations and satisfied the audience?
i) Has the book generally accomplished anything? Is there a need for further work on the topic covered?
j) Take note of the sources the author used. What else has the book included? E.g. maps what is the book’s layout?
k) In comparison to books by different authors on the said topic, what’s your opinion?

It is important to note the books publications and also the author's background, reputation and qualifications. Lastly, it is important to take notes of the main points you gather and intend to use in your review. A good review must contain passages or quotes from the book itself.

To write an august review, consider the following; 

1. Know the limits of what to talk about

A review should not give away the ending, that is left for the reader to discover on their own. This is necessitated if the book is a fiction or a novel. Additionally, a good review should not give away the major twists and surprises in the book. They are used in order to ascertain the reader’s constant interest in the book. When you relay information that you shouldn’t, you might encourage the reader to give up on reading the book. This is because the book no longer has anything interesting to offer. However, when the book is a non-fiction, the facts are already known. In this case, the point is to avoid giving away major arguments or developments of the book.

2. Research the writer and the genre of the book.

As earlier mentioned, you need to provide the reader with background information on the author. To do this, you need to conduct extensive research on both the book and its author. It makes it possible to relay reliable information on the genre, the books in competition with the one you currently review, and the qualifications of the author.

3. Be more optimistic and constructive

Even when the work is poorly done, do not focus on saying what the author did not do. Suggest better approaches the author should have used instead. Avoid criticism and focus on reviewing. Please note that you are reviewing the book and therefore should not comment on the author’s personality or life.

4. Write to the audience

The review is for the audience, not the publishers. State facts; do not use words that give the impression that you are advertising the book. The point is to give them a reason to care about the book. It is also to convince them why to read the said book and not another that’s in the market

5. Seek help when you need it

A book review is not easy to write. It is therefore understandable and relatable if you would seek the help of a professional or choose to study further on writing book reviews.

Monday, January 27, 2020

what to expect in college...

College Life Will be Better...

To a majority of the people, high school was not a walk in the park. Therefore, we end up looking forward to college. We convince ourselves that it is a new beginning, a fresh start at making things different. Those who were popular in high school and the silent ones including those considered weird hope to blend in. Proves how alike we all are. In some cases, you find those that want to leave a mark; whether in a sorority or a campaign, we all hope for change and improvement.

Peer Pressure

It really should be peer support but in this social media era, there is a need to know how good your life is from pictures you post in your accounts. You don't want to appear dull and boring. You will easily do drugs, miss classes and spend a lot of time in school than usual amassing your student loans. This is not because you want to, but that you have to.

Sadly, you are under the constant pressure to behave a certain way and it can easily lead to distress and mental unwellness. when you are constantly finding ways to hide, you easily forget who you are and end up connecting with people you have nothing in common.

We become part of a chain of alcoholics or addicts and flourish by constantly putting each other down. it is impossible for one to genuinely support you in your goals and endeavours

So how do you break this chain?

nobody wants to hear this, but there is a greater reward in being yourself. that way, it might take longer but you will end up in a circle you belong, one that you might end up friends for eternity

Saturday, January 25, 2020


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